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Community; how to evolve from chat to organization


Diego Barahona

Some of you might be asking What really Ninja Devs is?. Well, this is the right post to know a little bit about us.

The beginning

We started as a skype group of co-workers from the same company. We decided to create a separate chat because we were polluting the Main or Official chat of the company with links and resources about web development articles and tools.
So this is how Ninja Devs started. I can’t even remember if this was the first name, it was like 2012/2013.

With the time, the chat started to become more technical, and friends added other friends, and we grew up from 5 o 6 people, to almost 40. The goal was always the same, share valuable resources that you have, no lazy people allowed in this matter.

Skype wasn’t the best platform for a group of developers, it didn’t resolve links with a preview thumbnail, nor accepted code. Web Costa Rica started a new Slack team, and most of us have always been part of the Web CR community, so we decided to migrate from our old Skype group to a better platform like Slack.

Our Ninja Devs group was hosted in Web CR’ Slack I think for almost 2 years, until one month ago, that someone had the brilliant idea that we should go a step forward and start thinking bigger about the project.

This is when NinjaDevsIO was born

We have now people dedicated part of their times setting up projects (like this blog, thanks to @josoroma). We have others doing research to write blog posts, others doing design for the project.
We’re actually testing options to start creating podcasts and newsletters. Talking with different people to start thinking about meetups and more social things.

About our culture

Talking about meetups, we have never been a strict group with tons of rules and formalities. And we want to preserve this once we go into a more social environment. Our meetups might not be what you are used to seeing: a guy with a PPT talking about X technology. We don’t think this is a bad format, we just want to go into a more relaxed structure, different topics on the table, people talking and everyone participating at the same time. Don’t expect us to judge your ideas or proposals, we’re not that kind of people.

To summarize, we’re in very early stages but we really want to make this fun and useful for the community. We hope you like our ideas and support us with a like or a share to start growing up a community together even more.

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