An Introduction to Vue JS

If you haven’t heard about Vue JS, you can think about it as the V in the MVC design pattern for modern web applications, pretty similar to React in terms of capabilities but with a much simpler approach. VueJS is a progressive framework for building user interfaces. One important thing to note is that with … Read More

Ionic 2

Caching images in Ionic 2

*********************************** CHANGE LOG *********************************** I’ve updated this example to ionic 3! 😀 *********************************** Ionic is one of the most famous framework around the world to develop hybrid apps using HTML, CSS, Angular. They just released ionic 3. Guess what? We’ll use it to build our app! One of the challenges that the hybrid apps have … Read More

Writing Code

Write Code in a Way Comfortable to You

Interfaces Anyway, long story short: An interface is very helpful for given shape to Our JavaScript Objects. Generally speaking, an interface is just a complex type definition with a Public Contract that an implementation “conforms” to. Contracts That being said any external Class can consume or stablish a Contract without caring about how it’s implemented. … Read More


Web components: should I do it?

For quite a while I’ve been following along the web components spec. The first drafts I felt it a little bit awkward and weird, a LOT of boilerplate code was needed just to define one, so projects like Polymer made  TON of sense to use. Web components is actually a collection of web standards, ShadowDOM, … Read More


Understanding ES6 classes

Today during a conversation with a friend about what exactly ES6 classes are, I found out that topic can be commonly misunderstood. First of all, if JavaScript is your first language and you have no prior experience with more truly object-oriented languages with classes, instances, inheritance etc, there are numerous sites you can visit to … Read More